Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check (RVCC)
 Greater Victoria Area and Sooke

Volunteers Needed for CPS Courtesy Check
Program from April to September

           I am a member of Victoria Power and Sail Squadron and want to interest you in joining with a team of fellow CPS members performing a FREE voluntary “Recreation Vessel Courtesy Check” (RVCC).    As a new volunteer there is a 3 hour work shop to review vessel safety requirements as tabled in The Safe Boating Guide, use of a courtesy check form and on site requirements.    You will be assisted by other volunteer team members while performing your first courtesy checks on location.
           Fred Graves of Oak Bay Squadron and myself will be attending our Free voluntary courtesy checks as well as scheduling courtesy check locations, dates and times (10-2 or 12-3pm).  Volunteer your time when you can.    Your volunteer hours are only recorded for merit marks.
         To volunteer or request more information contact:
         Dave Gay, email [email protected]
         Fred Graves, email [email protected]


Typical CPS Courtesy Check Volunteer Day

(3 to 4 hours on a Saturday or Sunday)


       Involves an examination of the safety equipment onboard and determining that the requirements of the regulation, for the size of vessel have been met, and the required documentation, such as a boat license or registration and operator’s card (PCOC) are on board. A recording of this information is done by filling out a check list form and a copy is left with the boater.


       The time required for a free voluntary courtesy check is between 20 and 30 minutes and is only done after first receiving permission from the boater. If all safety equipment and documentation requirements are met, a CPS decal is issued, indicating that the vessel was in compliance with all safety regulations at the time of courtesy check. If the vessel is not compliant with all regulations, we highlight those items to be corrected on boater’s copy of check list form.