Social Activity Centre - We're fun on and off the water


Not only are we a learning institution, but we are loads of fun too. Each year we put together a variety of recreational activities for our members. It is a chance to get out on the water, make friends, cruise as a group and share in a array of summer activities. We will keep planning them if you, our members, keep turning out for our events. To get a sense for our enjoyable activities click on these events listed below for information, photos and slideshows. We hope to see you at our next event.

2010 MCTS Tour
2010 Spring Student Cruise
2010 Fire Safety Demonstration
2009 Holiday Party
2009 Fall Student Cruise
2009 Fire Safety Demo
2009 Spring Student Cruise
2008 Fall Student Cruise
2008 Holiday Party
2008 Commander's Sailpast
2008 Spring Grad and AGM
2007 Fall Grad
2007 Christmas Party
2007 Fall Student Cruise
2007 Swap Meet, Auction and BBQ
2007 AGM and Spring Grad
2007 Spring Student Cruise
2006 Swap Meet and BBQ
2006 Christmas Party
2006 Fall Grad
2006 Cruise to Maple Bay
2006 Bridge
2005 Fall Grad
2005 Christmas Party
2005 BC Ferries Trip
2004 Student Cruise
2004 Spring Grad
2004 Fall Grad
2004 Fall Exam Night
2004 CHS MCTS Tour
2003 Student Cruise
2003 Fall Grad
2002 Fall Grad
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